• Talent Strategy

    People foremost, innovation & enterprising

    Humanistic Spirit: keep optimistic, work actively, happy work and happy life.

    Team Concept: mutual appreciation, mutual trust, mutual support and mutual compensation.

    Career route: Technology, office clerk, manager and marketing.

    Not limited to one type

    For the employment, Hon-Flex refers to the ‘capacity’ principle; we only use the efficiency men, and break the traditional occupation promotion rule. In order to stimulate the active learning attitude, we use the ‘competition for a post’ principle for the middle management or above. The multi-channel career development paths make our staffs own larger developing space and stage.

    Encourage talent with fairness and justice

    The performance contract based on the core KPI of the company adopts the principle of "reward more than punishment" to fully recognize your work performance every month; The annual evaluation is not based on the traditional double salary, but on the current operating situation of the company. Every drop of water and money saved by the company will eventually be returned to you. You will save money in the spirit of ownership.

    Interactive and efficient talent training

    Academic education brilliant college class, reserve squad leader training, reserve section chief training, core cadre training security and welfare, reserve cadre report... Hon-Flex electronic will combine the training system with personalized development, to create a learning organization with enhancing power and competitiveness for you, so as to realize the win-win growth of Hon-Flex people and Hon-Flex electronic.

    Your join will be our pleasure! Looking forward to create and develop together!

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