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    Founded in 2003 with the registered capital of RMB 176.8 million, Xiamen Hongxin Electron-tech Co., Ltd., (Stock Code 300657) is a subsidiary held by Hongxin Business Incubator Group which is a unique platform for innovation and entrepreneurship in China and a leading integration platform for mobile internet industrial chain in China with nearly 100 enterprises held, participated and aligned, of which dozens of excellent enterprises have successively entered in the capital market.

    The Company is a key high-tech enterprise of national Torch Program, specialized in the research, development, design, manufacture and sales of flexible printed circuit (FPC), FPC Engineering Technology Research Center of Fujian Province, and a national intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprise.

    The company became A-share listed company in May 2007.

    As the leader of FPC in China, the Company has successfully turned the line width and via hole diameter of electronic circuit thinner and smaller through independent research, development and innovation and based on polyimide substrate, becoming an important component manufacturer for 5G and flexible applications.

    We always adhere to the operation concept of “Integrity, Excellence, Cooperation and Development”, are customer-oriented, take innovation as the driving force, good quality, reasonable price and high quality service as the foundation, constantly surpassing ourselves as the goal, and “Quality Strategy and Brand Strategy” as the development policy, and continuously develop the domestic market of brand customers and expand the market of international brand customers.

    Our development orientation can be summarized in “Three Devotions”: ① Devote to researching and manufacturing high precision circuit boards and related elements with high manufacturing difficulty; ② Devote to developing the enterprise into a technology-intensive and intelligence-intensive expert enterprise; and ③ Strive for the leading enterprise in FPC industries all over the world.

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